Bitmain Antminer S17+

Model Antminer S17+ (76Th) from Bitmain mining SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 76Th/s for a power consumption of 2920W.

Antminer S17+ Miner at a Glance

  • Model: Bitmain Antminer S17+ (76Th)
  • Release Date: December 2019
  • Size: 175 x 298 x 304mm
  • Weight: 11000g
  • Noise Level: 75db
  • Fan(s): 4
  • Power Consumption: 2920W
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Interface: Ethernet
  • Operating Temperature: 5 – 45 °C
  • Operating Humidity: 5 – 95 %


Algorythm Hashrate Consumption Efficiency Profitability
SHA-256 76Th/s±5% 2920W±5% 0.04j/Gh -$2.93/day


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Unleash Unparalleled Mining Power of Bitmain Antminer S17+ Miner

Superior Hashrate for Maximum Returns

Experience the cutting-edge performance of the Bitmain Antminer S17+ Miner, featuring a powerful hashrate of 76 TH/s. This high-performance miner is designed to maximize your Bitcoin mining efficiency, providing unmatched processing power to ensure you stay ahead in the competitive world of cryptocurrency mining. The S17+’s superior hashrate enables you to achieve higher returns on your mining investment, making it an essential tool for serious miners.

Advanced Energy Efficiency

Reduce your operational costs with the Antminer S17+’s exceptional energy efficiency. Consuming just 2920W of power, this miner delivers top-tier performance without the hefty energy bills. The S17+ is engineered to provide a perfect balance between power consumption and output, ensuring that you can maintain a profitable mining operation. This energy-efficient design not only lowers your costs but also supports a more sustainable mining process.

Durable and Compact Design

The Bitmain Antminer S17+ Miner boasts a robust and compact design, built to withstand the rigors of continuous mining. With dimensions of 175 x 298 x 304mm and a weight of 11kg, this miner fits seamlessly into any mining setup, whether you’re operating a large-scale mining farm or a small home-based operation. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, providing you with a reliable solution that stands the test of time.

Effortless Mining Experience

User-Friendly Operation

Mining has never been easier with the Antminer S17+’s user-friendly interface and straightforward setup process. Designed with both novice and experienced miners in mind, this miner features an intuitive interface that simplifies the monitoring and management of your mining operations. Its Ethernet connectivity ensures stable and fast communication with your mining pool, allowing you to focus on maximizing your mining efficiency.

Comprehensive Cooling System

The Antminer S17+ is equipped with a robust cooling system, featuring four powerful fans that maintain optimal operating temperatures. This advanced cooling solution ensures that your miner runs smoothly even during intense mining sessions, protecting your investment from overheating and enhancing its overall longevity. The efficient cooling system supports stable performance, keeping your operations running without interruptions.

Reliable Performance in Various Conditions

Designed to operate in a wide range of environmental conditions, the Antminer S17+ can handle temperatures from 5 to 45°C and humidity levels from 5 to 95%. This flexibility makes it suitable for various geographic locations and ensures reliable performance regardless of your mining environment. Trust in the S17+ to deliver consistent results, no matter where you set up your mining operations.

Product Summary

Antminer S17+ Miner at a Glance

  • Model: Bitmain Antminer S17+ (76Th)
  • Release Date: December 2019
  • Size: 175 x 298 x 304mm
  • Weight: 11000g
  • Noise Level: 75db
  • Fan(s): 4
  • Power Consumption: 2920W
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Interface: Ethernet
  • Operating Temperature: 5 – 45 °C
  • Operating Humidity: 5 – 95 %

The Bitmain Antminer S17+ Miner is your ultimate partner in cryptocurrency mining. Its high hashrate, energy efficiency, and robust design make it the go-to choice for maximizing your mining potential. Invest in the S17+ today and experience the future of Bitcoin mining.

Manufacturer Bitmain
Model Antminer S17+ (76Th)
Also known as 266-Aa
Release December 2019
Size 175 x 298 x 304mm
Weight 11000g
Noise level 75db
Fan(s) 4
Power 2920W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 – 45 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %

Robust Mining Machine

Unlock the power of efficient Bitcoin mining with the Bitmain Antminer S17+ Miner. With a hashrate of 73 TH/s and a power consumption of 2920W, the S17+ is the perfect balance of power and efficiency. Enhance your mining setup with the Antminer S17+ today.

  1. High-Performance Mining: The Bitmain Antminer S17+ is a high-performance miner with a powerful hashrate of 73 TH/s for Bitcoin mining.
  2. Energy-Efficient: With a power consumption of 2920W, the S17+ ensures high-efficiency mining, balancing power and performance.
  3. Robust and Compact Design: The Antminer S17+ sports a robust and compact design, making it an ideal fit for various mining setups.
  4. User-Friendly: The S17+ is designed with ease of use in mind, making it a suitable choice for both beginners and experienced miners.

In summary, the Bitmain Antminer S17+ Miner is an exceptional mining machine designed to deliver high-performance, energy-efficient Bitcoin mining. Its robust and compact design coupled with user-friendly operation makes it an ideal choice for any miner. It’s a perfect blend of power and efficiency, designed to maximize your mining potential.

Important Notice: Please Read Before Placing Your Order

First of all, thank you for your interest and support. In order to avoid misunderstandings in the process of purchasing a miner. Please read all the following notes carefully before placing your order. Thank you very much for your understanding!

1 – Regarding the specific dynamic of the miners market. There is a possibility that the miner’s price has changed when we receive your payment and we might need to refund your order.

We use a batch process for all the miners orders, and that we have each batch at quite limited quantities. The price of different batches of miners is different even though it’s the same model of miner.

They are selling pretty fast. Regarding the highly variable and demanded market. The price could be different every day for in stock miners. So there is a possibility that the miner’s price has gone up when we receive your payment and we need to refund you for the order.

2 – About inventory miners 

The inventory miner delivery date will be 3-7 working days. Once we receive your order. We will immediately notify our technical center staff to test the machine you have ordered to ensure that it is running well.

We will ship the machine to you only after we make sure that all the performance of the machine is fine. Then, we will deliver the machine to our freight forwarder for shipping. We will update the tracking number on the website and you will receive an email for details.


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